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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quilled 3d Flowers - Orange Blossom Flower Frame

This time its a quilled 3d flowering plant. All parts including the stems are made from 3mm strips. Both the flowers and leaves are made using the looping technique that I employed  for the grass in my quilled landscape which I called Waterfall Landscape.  You can see it more clearly in my Lion Share of Love cartoon. The tutorial is available here under leafy grass. It is rounder than the grass in my Quilled Tree Landscape , hence, I was able to use it as a petal.

I have used 5 to 6 petals for each flower in order to get the circular shape. In order to make the flowers firm, I have assembled the flower slightly differently and have not attached it to 3d cups and then to stems. Instead I have merged the stems onto the flowers.  I used this same method to assemble the red flower in Flower Shower even though I used a 3d curved cone to attach the petals on to. It made it so much firmer and easier to shape the flower like a cup. I think the most important part of creating 3d flower is to shape them into cups rather than making them like discs.

For the leaves too I have adopted a method similar to the one I used in making the veins in my poinsettia tutorial. I love the natural look of these compound leaves.

For the stems too, the tutorial is available here, but I have used 3 strips to make the thicker stems.The edging strips are hand folded and are pretty easy to make.

I am planning to do 3  tutorial from this frame so, those of you who are not already following, click on " Get Updates". It is a very simple process to follow the blogs you love and you can learn anything for free thru these blogs.

The tutorials will be on
  1. New Technique for Assembling Flowers.
  2. New Compound Leaf - Free Hand.
  3. How to Make Freehand Petals to the Same Size


  1. Its gorgeous! I love the orange flowers.

  2. Beautiful work! I love your unusual techniques.

  3. very nice...Orange - green is lovely combo..

  4. Nice colour combination..
    I have published some of my paper quilling art at
    Let me know what you think of it..

  5. The flowers look so unique.Love the various techniques you try in quilling
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  6. How beautiful! You know that from the thumbnail picture I thought it's a real flower? It's that good, Chris!


  7. I agree with manuk ...I too thought to be real stem of flowering plant ! ! Need not to say... You are amazing quiller...

  8. So lifelike and beautiful.

  9. beautiful, love them, and so grateful that you share how you make your work of arts !!!

  10. I really love your quilling. That's THE reason that I'm following you.

    Your last post with the orange 3D flowers are amazing.
    I look foward to your tutorials.

    love karin

  11. Christine,
    Great work, beautiful flowers and leaves.
    Love it!


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