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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quilled DImensional Flower Frame - Flower Shower

This quilled frame has several types of quilled flowers and quilled leaves. The flowers are three dimensional as usual. I have combine different quilling techniques to create this piece.

I have adopted a new technique to assemble the red tubular flowers so they are not glued around the mouth of the quilled 3d cone. This way it was easier to shape them.

The orange trailing flowers  are the technique I created for Abstract Lotus. The tutorial is here. Notice the difference when large and small comb is used.

The red and white flowers are made using looping technique .  I encourage you to guess how it is done as  the quickest way to learning is for you to guess.

Here's a focused look

While you're  at it , try and guess how the white veronica was done as well..

The leaves are straight forward. Only difference is I have used different greens which make a big difference to their appearance.

 One of my guests - Pooja, did get it right and I salute her. For those of you who could not guess the tutorial is here.


  1. Beautiful flowers, dont have a clue on the red and white flowers. white one is curled strip glued to a long strip curled several times, if that makes since,lol

  2. Love the different variety of flowers in this.What I love about your site is the different types of techniques you keep experimenting with...such refreshing range of ideas!!

  3. Amazing and absolutely Gorgeous Quilling !!! Chris .

  4. This frame is a collection of beautiful flowers !! My guess is you have used husking for red and white flowers..small and long loops alternately and added red part separately..! Have I guessed correct ?

  5. The small white flowers guess is either S coils or loose coils stuck together .

  6. Awesome cards you made, great work!!!

  7. Wow Awesome ... beautiful quilling....

  8. Beautiful Chris. This is how I would do if I had to make your flower.Use a comb for one long and short loop and then fold them around a red marquis and wind white strips around the petal.

  9. very nice creation the flower patterns nd overall arrangement....

  10. Oh my this is breathtaking and the colors are fantastic.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS POOJA.... you are absolutely right about the red & White FLowers !!

    Thank you all for participating.

  12. White Veronicas..... Paula & Angeline you are both very close but not exactly how I did it but remember there is no right way in quilling.

  13. hi
    I love your photo quilling creations very much it so beautiful, exquisite

    I wish I can do like that some day



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