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About Me

Hi I'm Chris, a career-woman turned crafter. For me quilling is a hobby and not a trade ... my way of enjoying my creative side. I am a right brainer who discovered that my left brain is as potent!!!

You may use my designs  in your own way and send them to me  to post alongside mine with a link to your blog!! But please do not use my pics and claim that they are yours. Give me the credit I deserve by linking it to my blog. Take it from me it feels great to be ethical.

 It should be really interesting to see how creative people could be.

If you like my work leave a comment or even a criticism. I appreciate constructive ones. Follow me and we can go on a journey of discovery together.

If you need any help, on how I did my pieces ask and it shall be given... I have always nurtured people's talents and would love to help you. I would be the happiest person if you excel. During my career I have helped many who have done me really proud.

Thank You for visiting my blog...May you find quilling as thrilling as I do.


  1. Thank you for your helpfulness. I am learning to quill and just love it.. I have learn by whats on the internet. Thank you so much again.
    Hugs! Kathie in Fl

  2. You are welcome Kathie. I too learned 100% from the net. Had to search for days and it was not easy to find what I was looking for. most of my work is guesswork.That is why I decided that I would make my blog a place where newbies like me can learn from.You are welcome to copy anything you want.

  3. wow! have loved quilling ever since i came across it and am simply bowled over by the beautiful work u have done ! am a beginner too!

  4. Thank you. I love quilling and am glad you came across it too. I'm glad you like my work and hope you are inspired to try out everything. I also hope you find my tutorials useful. Good luck.

  5. Hi Chris. You are so talented and gifted and more sweetly that you are a generous soul. I discovered quilling not long ago and has since completed a few cards with quilling designs. Discovering your blog is such a blessing for me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I welcome you to my blog with open arms Hairon.I wish you all success in your journey into quilling. My advise to you is always get your mind to work. Look at a piece and try to figure out how it was done and read any description or tutorial in comparison to what you think. That way you will fast track your learning. Do not be afraid to try out even the most complicated looking piece. Always believe, "If I can see it, then I can do it".

    Good luck to you.

  7. I have just become an admirer of this beautiful technique. I made my fist project which was an outlined woman face portrait made of simple lines. However as I continue searching on the web I find that the designs are made on a plastic surface and then placed on the final project surface. I made my portrait directly on the final project (which was really a plain paper since it was only trying out if I could complete it). Is this OK or always projects are made to be transferred to the final surface? By the way love your work. You have beautiful artwork. Is it a hobby or do you sell your art pieces?

  8. Hi Maria,
    The die hard quillers like to make their designs by making the designs so that the basic shapes are pasted one to the other so that the whole design is then pasted to the backing which is acid free paper or card. Those who sell their work have to make sure it does not deteriorate, so they also spray residue free substances on the quilled work before mounting it on the final backing and use paper that will not discolor or fade quickly. I am a hobbyist so I don't do any of that stuff. Like you I just use printer paper and mount it on cards.

    The disadvantage of doing directly on the backing is that if the glue gets on it when pasting it shines and can be seen, so for neater work it is always better to make the design or artwork on a plastic sheet and then mount it like the die hards.

    For graphic quilling you have no choice but to paste directly without getting the glue all over the place.

  9. Hi tx a lot for your blog. It's valuable. Tx for giving guidance coz many people don't do such things. Her'e my blog. Please go through it and leave a comment too. Tx once again.

  10. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your unselfish sharing!! I am just a beginner where quilling is concerned. I enjoy doing craft (I do jewellery craft, sewing, paper craft etc) and finds your site fantastic as I am able to learn alot from it. God bless you richly.

  11. Love your site! I've been quilling for a while now but I've just started experimenting with 3D. You've got some great tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. thank you for the new technique flower tutorial and the beehive. they r awesome. i am new to quilling and this tutorial helped me to learn more new things. all your work is so inspiring.

  13. Dear Christine, thank you very much for your words and appreciations. I loved to quill paper, and I have just one year long since I started to do this. The jewellery boxes are quilled espeacially for mother-day, teachers of my children and different friends. That's quilling for me: a giving opportunity! I'm working in a corporate finance company so this is totally other side of my life, a dn of course a happy one. Good luck with your nice works! Very fine and lot of work, wow! Best regards to you!

  14. Chris we've added you to our "Hall Of Fame" list for your outstanding tutorials and your quilling.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful introduction you have given to my blog.

  15. follow your message on my blog

    oh, Chris, I'm glad you wrote me. I spent some time on your website and have pin it to my panel to see you creations from time to time. thank you for your appreciations and I think you exagerate a little bit, but I'm proud that you could said these words about my work. I'm just a beginner. best wishes to you, Bogdan

  16. Hi Chris, you have a lovely blog showing your creativity and talent and your effort to help and guide other quillers. I am specially impressed by the fact that you left your career to follow your passions.
    I am also a career women and try to steal time from my busy schedule to do some quilling. I learnt quilling on my own, learning from other quillers on the internet.
    Your blog has helped me in my journey. Please see my blog at http://thrilling- quilling. blogspot. com

  17. Have just become a follower. Have long admired the quilling technique and have even bought some quilling papers to have a try out. Have had a quick look at some of your tutorials which have wetted my appetite. Hugs Mrs a.

  18. Hi Christine, my name is Otilia and I am doing quilling for almost one year. I admire your work and I am inspired by it. I made a page where I am posting the most beautiful quilling creations around the world and you are one of the persons who create them. I posted some of your works on my page which I created to promote the beauty of quilling, of course with a link to your page, but I want to know if it´s ok for you. If not, just tell me and I will delete all your works from my page. The page is called Most Beautiful Quilling Creations on Facebook. Also you can see what I am creating on my blog: Have a nice week-end.

  19. Hello, I love quilling, I find it it very relaxing.

    Can you please tell me what graphic quilling is as I don't know what it is.

    I'm attempting a tree at the moment using the beehive technique, which I've never done before, so wish me luck! Lol.

  20. Hi Chris, I book marked your site a while ago but only started to look at it intensely today, I have not looked at everything of course, what I saw impressed me greatly, I know that I can learn a lot of things from you. I have done some quilling before, just some cards actually, everything however has been self thought, so having found your site will improve my techniques. Thank you very much

  21. Hi Chris, I book marked your site a while ago but only started to look at it intensely today, I have not looked at everything of course, what I saw impressed me greatly, I know that I can learn a lot of things from you. I have done some quilling before, just some cards actually, everything however has been self thought, so having found your site will improve my techniques. Thank you very much

  22. Hi Chris,
    thank you for your wonderful blog and your generosity in sharing. Can you please give me any tips on how to glue scrolls down so that they still look 'flowing' not stilted as mine do? Thanks Chris Kind Regards Lindiloo.

  23. Hello Chris !
    I just see your quilled landscape. They are really stunning and beautiful ! Congrats !
    If you are interested in a presentation in the french cards magazine, please contact me.
    Elise (

  24. hi
    my name is Anamika and i daily read your blog it really inspire me
    here is my blog link
    you can see my work

  25. Hi, my name is Khang who from Vietnam. Now I'm running my business that produces quilling products. Please view my website:


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