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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Folded Strip Leaves 2 & 3

This quilling tutorial covers 3 types of leaves using the same method. If you look carefully one leaf has the loops glued to the sides, while the other has the loops glued to the mid vein. The appearance of the leaf is very different though the same method is used. No special tools are required.

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Broad Leaf Long Grass

Take an A4 size 3mm strip and fold it as shown below so that it tapers like grass , more on one end and less on the other.

Now glue another strip to the long side as shown in the pic below.

Then apply glue to the top of each loop as shown in the pic.

Now glue the strip and allow to dry till the strip does not come off when you pull. Once adequately dry , pull the strip downwards very slightly so that the long longest loop curves a tad and the rest of the loops open out. Glue the strip to the rest of the leaf while holding this position.

Encircle the leaf a second time and this time extend the strip a tad beyond the longest loop to get a pointed tip like long grass  and you're done.


Strip Leaf

For this leaf, keep 2 strips together and pull them apart.

Adopt the same method as above but make sure you taper the leaf less and when curving the loops open, ensure you pull so that it is like a semi circle with the bottom straight as shown. In this case, the straight side will be the longest loop. when pulling keep it as straight as possible. Pinch the other end to straighten the bottom line which is the mid vein of the leaf. Here the loops are glued to  the side of the leaf.

If you want the leaf like the pic below where the loops are glued to the mid vein you should bow the longest  loop and straighten the loop side as shown below. Its only a matter of shaping the leaf and deciding which side you want to keep straight.

Now glue 2 halves to complete the leaf and you are done!!

I would love to have your feedback and comments once you try it out.


  1. This is perfecto!!! Love it to bits. Have pinned it here:Flower making Tutorials

  2. Yes Christine, its amazing !! the same technique gives three different type of results!!

  3. Fantastic Christine!!! .thanks for the tutorial .


  4. Its wonderful Technique Christine !Thanks a lot for sharing !

  5. You are so talented Christine. Billiant! Thanks for sharing. (^o^)

  6. beautiful leaf chris, thanks for sharing


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