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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quilled Flower Frame - Tree Nymph Butterfly Among Butterfly Flowers

I wanted to try my hand at using shaped pegs for petals so I decided to do this frame for which I have used  one shaped  peg for the lip petal. The rest of the petals are basic tear shaped with spiral centers. The flower is shaped like a butterfly and the stamens are curved above the flower.

here's a closed look:
For the stamens, I have cut a 3mm strip in 4,  lengthwise.

Shaping The Petal
I used 3, 3mm strips of dark and light purples to make the pegs. When rolling I ensured that it was not too tight so that it is easier to shape. First I rolled the coil between thumb and forefinger as detailed in my tutorial on shaping pegs and made a convex shape which I shaped  to a tear drop by pinching on end; It's much easier to shape the peg, after pushing the peg out to a convex .

Once I had the petal shape, I pushed the coils near the pinched end up to convex it while pushing the coils at the rounded end down. (See pics)

lip petal

For the leaves, I made curved, moulded leaves using marquee shapes. You can see the shadow of the curve in the close up below.
The fruit is made by making cup shaped pegs which I have detailed in an earlier tutorial. For more rounded cups, thinner strips should be used.

For the butterfly, I have stuck to basic shapes and the body stripes are created by adhering  strips of the relevant colors.
I have made a curved cone for the stomach and have glues the butterfly so the wings are at about 30 degrees to the horizontal  and not flat on the surface. The butterfly is elevated above the level of the flowers.

The whole arrangement is created by gluing the different elements  at multiple levels in order to get a 3D  effect.

 I generally dislike the side view pics as I dislike the tapering appearance created by this perspective. Hence I do not post this view to show  how the flowers are laid out.

I would love to have your feedback.  I have been remiss in visiting your  blogs  to admire your work  as I have very limited  time on the net at present, but will drop by your blogs as soon as I get a chance. Till then Happy Quilling to you all.


  1. Very beautiful ..the butterfly is pretty and the leaves are awesome . thanks for the tutorial

  2. Beautiful as always. I love your detailed explanations!

  3. This sure is a stunner, Christine!!

  4. I am seeing the butterfly-flowers for first time !! I am soo glad you posted it's close-up.The leaves look very realistic n the butterfly has amazing detailing !Wonderful Job Chris !

  5. Christine,
    Another wonderful work!
    I was in love!

  6. Wonderfully pretty! The flowers look so real and the butterfly? WOW!

  7. Thanks for that illustration Chris... and ya I love the butterfly..
    I always wonder what do you do with all these works... sell it or gift it??
    You have lots of quilled works thatsy eager to know :P

  8. lovely work chris, the butterfly is awesome, keep rocking

  9. lovely flowers and beautiful butterfly !!!!

  10. Beautiful work and enjoy your explanation of the work. I come here often to learn new skills in quilling and get some lovely ideas.

  11. Lovely Chris. Love your butterfly it looks gorgeous.

  12. Fantastic work Chris. Thank you for the lesson. I learn quilling but these are so beginnings and therefore closely I watch yours tutorial :)

  13. Hey Chris! the butterfly n those leaves look so real! im so glad to have stumbled upon your blog :) will keep waiting for new tutorials :)

    cheers from India!

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