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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quilled Nature Landscape Painting - Flowing River

It has been a while since my last post, but here I am once again with a quilled riverside landscape. This time I have tried out chrismas trees .

For this project I have used several techniques and concentrated on getting the shapes to fit the element it represents. I think you need not stick to basic shapes but  hand make any shape that you think represents the item best.

The whole frame is 3mm thick  is 8x11 and I have not layered it to create dimension. I have used dark and light and size to create depth just like in a painting.

I have also tried quilling clouds for this one and have used grey, blue and white to give depth to the clouds.

For the water I have just used torn strips the same as  described in Tree & Water. The addition of white gives it a beautiful effect.

I am unable to give a step by step description on how it is done as I change my method and shapes from scene to scene and can't quite tell you what I did once it is done, but what I can tell you is that I have not quilled any basic shapes for this project except for the trees in the horizon for which I have used beehive quilling like I did for Flower Fields  and Quilled Tree. Most of the others are hand folded or rolled.

When an idea hits me I just draw the element like for example the tree canopy on a rough sheet and then take a few strips and follow my idea and see how it looks from a distance. If I do like it I will use that idea in the scene. Further, I would use different basic shapes for each tree so that the dissimilarity is clear.

Would love to know what you think as always as you are my inspiration.


  1. Fantastic !!!!! love the way you have done the river and the trees with flowers on the other side of river ..

  2. Beautiful and creative, Chris!!!
    Nati from Brazil

  3. Beautiful scenery love the tree,clouds and water ..

  4. fabulous landscape looks like a painting
    great work

  5. Its amazing Chris ! I spent few minutes looking at the clouds n the tree guessing how you must have quilled them !! I love how you have done the waters too !

  6. Yor are getting better and better and better with every day! I can say you are the Master of landscapes!

  7. This is just brlliant Christine! The water specially! Loved the total effect of shades in the water! Awesome creation!

  8. Belíssimo seu trabalho, Apaixonante. Parabéns. Beijo

  9. Beautiful Chris :) Love the whole idea and the waters too.. white shades gives a beautiful touch.. Please do post some zoomed in pictures Chris.. would love to see the details :)

  10. The picture has so much depth especially when you have not layered the elements it is truly and awesome job.

  11. wow such detail, its gorgeous, love it !!!!

  12. Very nicely done, Chris! It looks so natural - the water has movement and the clouds appear to be floating by.

  13. I have tried making clouds. Not as elaborate as yours just in white. Love your stream.
    I really enjoyed my first foray into quilling just neeed more hours in the day to spend on it.!! Hugs Mrs A.

  14. Gorgeous quilling Christine! Love the way you have done the river and the trees, they look so natural.

  15. Christine
    Breath takingly beautiful !!!
    Those clouds are stunning as is the water.
    Wait a minute...the whole thing is gorgeous !!!

  16. Christine,
    Very beautiful!
    The various textures of quilling were harmonious.
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. wow.. how do you get so much patience to make such intricate landscapes... they should be real time consuming... plus you also make tutorials for them... commendable work :)

  18. A very beautiful composition, you have captured everything just right!

  19. More life like...Love the way water flows and clouds sway in sky...Awesome job as always, Chris...

  20. It´s a wonderful quilled landscape!!! All your quilling is amazing.
    Greetings from Chile
    M . Pilar Núñez


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