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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Comb Quilled Two Tone Leaf / Petal

This quilling tutorial is a new technique for making a two color comb quilled or mini-loop leaf . I have not seen these leaves used by anyone else. I have used these leaves for the first time in Floral Cascade and then in my Thai Pongal Card.I developed this technique when playing around with comb quilling and thought I would share it with you all.

This leaf/ petal  can be made freehand or by using a comb. I have given both methods here.  Try to look at the pics and understand the method before reading the instructions.

Comb Method


 Take a large comb (use the side with a wider gap between the teeth) and a 3mm strip of your choice and make a loop around the last tooth and glue it shut.


 Now thread the strip under the next tooth and bring it back up as shown in the pic above.


 Loop it back towards the end of the comb and glue the strip at the very edge with a tiny bit of glue.


 Next, fold it forward as shown in the 1st pic above making sure it is aligned on top of the other loops you have made and thread it under the next tooth as shown in the 2nd pic above.

Continue making about 5 to 6 loops (the size and number of loops will depend on the size of the comb. Large combs with more space between the teeth will give you larger leaves).


 Remove from comb and leave the balance strip to wrap around the leaf or tear off excess.


 Quill another half leaf in another color and get the same number of loops. Then glue them together as shown above then glue another strip you want to use to wrap round the leaf, to the bottom as shown.


Now apply a wee bit of glue to the edge of each loop of one color and glue it to the loops of the other color gently and wind the strip around to encircle the leaf.

That it folks!!


Manual Method

The leaves made by hand will look less symmetrical like it does in nature. To make sure that the loops of the two halves  are the same sizes both strips should be shaped together.
 Make a loop holding both strips together. Do not paste the strips together.
 Fold the loop forward at the place the loop starts.
Make the second loop so that it overhangs the 1st loop. Size it by using your third finger to push it over the 1st loop as shown.
 Once again fold it forward and create the 3rd loop and push it over the second loop as shown to size it. Continue in this manner till you reach the size of the leaf/ petal you desire.
 Separate the 2 strips and it should look like the pic above.
 Now apply a tad of glue at the top (not the tip) of each fold as shown in the picture and you have made the 2 halves of your leaf/petal.
This is what your half leaves will look like.
 Now glue both the half leaves at the bottom as shown.
 Apply glue to the top of each loop of one of the halves as shown.
Glue the loops as shown to make the leaf. do not squash it. Gently hold them till they get stuck and then encircle the leaf with another strip of your choosing and your done.

Just a tiny request to those of you who use this leaf , please give a link to this blog so that others may learn too.


  1. another one to try, I like the 2 different colors together like that.I ran into someone that is looking for a blog like yours helping others to quill, will be sending her your way!
    have a great week !!

    1. Thank you Paula. I hope she finds something useful here.

  2. The two tone leaf loojs nice .Thanks for sharing chris ! Keep playing around and inventing new techiques ... :D !

    1. Thanks Pooja. Yup!! that's what I do or sometimes failures become the corner stones of success!!

  3. Thanks Chris ..this is a fabulous tutorial .i prefer the manual one !!!

  4. Thanx Christine for sharing the tutorial...

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I am sure you all will do a great job of this leaf in your creations. Good luck and happy quilling.

  6. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog & I have been your follower for some time now!..I had found your blog through Pinterest & really like your work & tutorials...Thank you so much for sharing.. :)


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