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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quilled Leaf Sprig Tutorial - New Quilling Technique

This tutorial is on how to make the leaf like sprig I made for this design Flowers & Twigs. You may use this technique freely, my only request is to give a link to this blog when you use it so that others may benefit too.

 Step 1
Take either one strip or 2 light/dark strips and a comb and thread the strip below 2 teeth and over 2 teeth and down. Turn the comb to the side where the strip came out .
Step 2 
Loop it back and glue it on the  flat side with the tiniest bit of glue.  If you are using 2 strips make sure both strips are glued. Now fold the strip forward and take it under 2 teeth and over 2 teeth and down again, loop it back and paste on the flat side same as before.
After 1st loop is pasted
second loop folded but not pasted
After 2 loops are pasted
 Step 3
Continue the process till you get the sprig the size you want. Remove from comb. It should look like the pic below. You can see where I have looped and glued and then folded forward as this makes up the stalks of the leaves.

Removed from comb after 2 loops (leaves) are pasted

Completed one side

 Step 4
Repeat the process with a separate set of strips and then paste them both together to form the leaf sprig as shown below.

After both half sprigs are pasted


  1. Great leaves, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi Mihaela and Gordana thanks for the appreciation.

  3. Thanks a lot.. the new instructions are really helpful.. thanks for the new technique..

  4. Thanks for the feedback Nimisha. Happy quilling.

  5. lovely idea but would love to have video tutorials this is too confusing

    1. Would love to do one but I'm on a limited internet bandwidth so will not be able to upload it.

  6. So easy when you know how! Thanks so much :) Maureen

  7. merci pour les tutos c'est superbe !

  8. This is exactly what I've been looking for! By this I mean your blog... You're explanations, and your pictures. Thank you thank you thank you! I've been using pictures of flowers and reference, but as I'm a newbie I hardly know ANY techniques for creating. It's going to be sooooo helpful to be able to read these and have you as my "coach". I can't tell you how much more excited I am to venture into quilling now! I guess I'll unwrap that new paper now lol...


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