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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilled Tree Landscape Picture Art - One Tree Hill

Finished my quilled tree landscape picture at last. I have used many techniques for this one. The tree top is made of honeycomb circles ( beehive technique). The grass is created from folding zig-zag. The yellow and pink hills are my own creations. I just folded the paper up & down and encircled it just like the grass but without pinching the the top and bottom so that I got a circle with something like a peace sign after encircling it.

The tree trunk is graphic quilling technique, using brown yellow and black. I have used a combination of orange, 3 shades of yellow and peach for the treetop. I cut the strips to 1.5' lengths and then pasted them randomly into one long strip and quilled the honeycomb circles ( beehive method- check my link section).

The dark green and yellow hills are made from crimped paper. Folded zigzag to the length required and encircled.

The flowers are a combination of roses quilled with 3mm strip and star flowers of yellow with tight coil centres. For the blue flowers I  used a scallop pinking scissor to cut 4mm length pieces blue 3mm strip and pasted it to a fringed flower made of 1.23" length 3mm strip. I fringed the 3mm strip slightly to get a velvety middle.

The tree is mounted at a slightly higher elevation as the root section is pasted on top of the grass and I pasted tight coils to the underside of the tree top in order to get the 3d effect, hence the shadow of the tree is visible.

All in all I am really thrilled with the outcome.  Tutorial for quilling landscape is available here.
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  1. Wow! You've been busy. Very nice piece of work.

  2. This is incredible! Amazing piece of art! -Eileen

    1. Thank you Eileen. I'm really glad you like it.

  3. I just love this one! It looks like the tree of life :)

  4. great work. i visit your blog first time and i like are very creative...
    best wishes for your work.
    plzz must visit.

  5. Wow this is stunning ! The tree trunk is incredible I love it !
    I am just a beginner but I would still like to invite you to my blog at thank you.

  6. Thank you Adriana, I love your work and am following you now.

  7. outstanding project! so bright, so lovely, the leaves are absolutely amazing! it's such a masterpiece, I'm so inspired and impressed!

    1. Thank You.This was my very first real landscape.

  8. I think this is superb. Good piece of art. Lovely bright colours. Wonder how you put it on the background board. I can see the shadow. gives depth.


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