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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quilled Butterfly & Flowers

I made the quilled butterfly from an image from the internet. I made it using landscape or picture quilling techniques.  The butterfly is made from simple loose scrolls encircled in black. I had a printout of the monarch and placed a cellophane sheet over which I pasted the quilled shapes one to the other. Gumming is the bane of my life. Used lots of pins to get the shape and had to be really careful I did not use too much of gum. the outer part of the wings are made of tight scrolls encircled in black. Made the body using 3d quilling technique.

The flowers are from Inna's design. There are links to Innas site on my tutorial links page . Leaves are simple loose scrolls pasted to the side to get the concentric effect.

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  1. Awesome works...

    I recently developed interest for quilling and while searching for nice quilling blogs, happened to see urs and following now :)

    It wud be my pleasure if u have a look at my works.


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