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Tutorials from other sites
This is comprehensive list and is all you need to know to be an expert,  as it leads you to pages which have links to the best tutorials on the net. These sites belong to great quillers who inspired me and have been generous enough to post tutorials so that others too may learn.

These lists are expanding lists and are updated all the time so keep visiting them from time to time to learn new stuff.

Tutorials from increations my favorite site  

Youtube quilling Videos - this list contains good videos which vary from simple to advanced.

Advanced Quilling Tutorials from DAYDREAMS - This is another of my favorite learning sites.

Free Quilling Patterns & Tutorials - This is an inexhaustible list for making quilled and punched flowers and cards and has lots of patterns too. 

Video tutorials from Pritesh - These are a collection of both basic and advanced tutorials.

More Tutorials from Pritesh - very easy to understand pictorial tutorials.

Quilled Hollow Egg

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