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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lanscape Quilling Graphic Quilled - Tree & Water

Quilling Landscapes and graphic quilling nature scenes have become a great favorite with me, since it gives me leeway to try out new techniques in order to create a painting like scene. I cannot paint and have never tried painting so this gives me a chance to practice my artistic skills.I usually quill flowers to break the monotony as I tend to get bored rather quickly!!

I have used beehive or what I call honeycomb quilling for the tree top whilst the branches and trunk are graphic quilled. I created two layers in parts of the canopy to get a 3d effect and the top layer is the lightest shade of green. There are three shades of green used in this whole piece.

This is a horizontal view of it

 I have used the grass I used in my previous quilled landscape, quilled tree , around the tree (dark green) and for the horizon trees, I used the foliage used in my waterfall landscape  and Lion share of love quilled cartoon.

The embankment grass is just like what I did in Bambi which is just folded paper pasted to depict grass.

Short blue and white strips  curled like waves went to create the water. You will be able to see it clearly if you click on the image as I have put a rather large image.

Tutorial for Graphic quilling is available here.

I enjoyed quilling this one and am happy with the way it turned out. Hope you like it too.


  1. Woozer! This is one fine piece of work! Awesome!

  2. Wow! Great work!! Beautiful scenery.

  3. Good job done...Seems like a Painting!!!!!

  4. Amazing landscape! You are very good :)

  5. Oh my !! I just kept staring the leaves,tree and thinking how much time and patience must have gone in it!!This is fabulous.

  6. Thank You Sylvia,Shylashree,kalnnirmitree creations,Sathya , Georgia, Pooja, Paula,and Shalaka for appreciating this piece. I look forward to reading each of your comments and it makes all the hours of rolling worthwhile. Thanks a million.

  7. Excellent and very beautiful.. Very Nice colors :)

    1. Thank You. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your comment.


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