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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Graphic Quilling - Tips

For those who wanted to know how I did Tinkerbell's hair and dress, here are a set of tips.  Yulia Brodskaya is probably the one who developed this method. Her work is out of this world. I am only guessing at how it is done.

  1. Strips are used to create the various shapes in graphic quilling   and the strips are pasted directly on the backing. ( Probably, thicker paper 100 to 120 gsm is used but I have used regular printer paper for all my graphic work).
  2. I usually have the image outlined in pencil, and paste the outline strip on the pencil outline first.
  3. In order to fill the space I tear up the strips to the relevant size.
  4. Just as in the case of a pencil drawing the strips are pasted. A strip for a pencil line, in order to get the contour of the image.
  5. Dark and light shades are used to get the depth for the image just as in the case of pencil drawings.
  6. I generally keep the strip in the area I'm going to fill and get a sense of the length required and tear it accordingly.
  7. The twists and turns of the strip is used once again to bring out the contours of the object. For example if you want to show a curved surface you will curve the strips to the right and to show it is going in, you will curve it in the opposite direction and combine a few darker shade strips.
  8. I acquired a bit of knowledge by reading up on pencil drawing.
  9. When applying gum you have to use very little. Best is to use a toothpick and roll it along the edge, allow it to dry a bit and paste.
  10. I would not gum the whole strip if it is long, rather, I do it bit by bit.
  11. If you are using individual shapes like circles etc.  it is better to make the shape and then paste it.
I feel that being  able to draw well is a definite advantage for graphic quilling  . I hope this post is helpful.


  1. Thanks for the tips Chris ..i have just tried one ...hope to do more ..your tips are really helpful .

  2. Thanks for the tips...I am not an artist n therefore find it difficult to try frames...ur works are daughter loved them (she is just 9 Yrs). I am planning to try to quill landscape, ur works and tutorials are really very helpful. Thanks once again.

  3. I realize these posts are old, but thank you thank you thank you! I am about to try my first graphic quilling and your tops are so much appreciated! I hope you return to continue your amazing tips! Cindy


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