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Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilled Letters or Typography

I have always been awestruck by quilled letters, monograms and words, so I finally picked up the courage to try it and here are the results. Well, not too bad for a first attempt. Actually I quite like it. Sort of looks divine in its own way.

I did struggle to get the strip stuck properly on the printed letters. Guess I should have opted for an easier font. Anyway, on hindsight fonts like Gisha or Aharoni may be easier to quill.

How was it done??  Well..... just printed the letters and stuck the strip on top using a toothpick to apply glue on the strip and not on the backing. Had to do it bit by bit and hold it down till it dried a bit. I just picked the design out of the hat. Made it up as I went along.

 This was my attempt at quilling script. I found it easier than letters with sharp edges as those need precision folding of the strip, but my glue was not good enough and the letters kept coming 
out after all the time I spent gluing a specific section. For this one I pasted red, white & red and quilled the letters.

This was a narrower script I tried out. I think it is called sloop. I have tried to use multi-strip method here to get the double line effect. The flowers are made using continuous strip.


  1. You made a great work for your first attempt, love the design!!! I can't do it so well as you did. It is not a really easy work, I know.
    So go on till you will make a perfect letters and I know you will do.

  2. Thank you Mihaela, you are always very encouraging and I'm sure you're a great friend. You are one great artist, I'm sure you can do a better job than me!! I lack patience and throw the glue bottle around when it gives me a headache!! Your work is fabulous and very very neat.

  3. Thanks Gordana for your encouraging comments.

  4. Awesome,your first attempt! I'm impressed


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