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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Compound Leaf

This tutorial is about quilling a compound leaf freehand with a single strip. I used the same technique for the white leaves I made for butterfly heart  but made them without the rachis.

This leaf is different in appearance from the leaf spray in my previous tutorial   in that it can be made with less number of leaflets so that it looks less dense apart from the fact that the size of the leaflets as you proceed down the leaf can be changed.

Step 1

Take a green strip and apply a tad of glue to the tip as shown above .

Step 2
Glue the edge to form a loop as shown above. This forms the terminal leaflet. Now fold the strip to the right as shown above.

Step 3
Loop the strip to form a leaflet to the right and paste it to mountain side of the fold, then fold the strip up to the left as shown above.

Step 4
Now loop to the left and paste it to the mountain side of the fold and then fold the strip down as shown above.

Step 5
Now go down the strip about 1cm or less for the rachis and then fold the strip to the right as shown above.

Step 6
Loop to the right and glue to the mountain side of the fold.

Step 7
now fold up and to the left once again as shown above, loop and glue to the mountain side. Repeat the process from step 5 and complete the leaf.


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