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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Lion Share of Love- Quilled Cartoon Landscape Picture

I have used my usual landscape picture quilling techniques to quill this cartoon   (check my tutorial if you haven't already) created by  Cheerful Madness.

I love the way the eyes turned out and am so glad I was able to bring out the innocence of the characters doing justice to the creator of the cartoon who's work is really  fabulous.

I did not want to put plastic eyes as it seems like cheating to me. I wanted to be true to quilling!! No short cuts for me. I combined tight coils and zig-zag basic techniques to get the shape of the eyes.

Once I got the shape of the eyes, I encircled the eyes in black and used the end of the strip to create the lashes by folding it and pasting it together.

The rest is the usual. I have used zig zag basic for the mane and  tail.  Regular loose coils for the face and loose coils encircled in a darker shade for the body. The direction in which you paste the coils is important if you want to give the impression of depth to your work.

I have used honeycomb oblong shapes to form the earthy patches and for the grass I used the leafy grass shape which I used in the waterfall landscape.

I Love this piece. I hope you like it too.


  1. Here I am! I do not understand how I failed to follow your blog! And you certainly deserve it! But never too late, right? These wonderful lions are simply wonderful! :))) Your tutorials are great. Your work is neat and detailed! Congratulations!

    1. Thank You. It's an honor to have you follow my blog. I am a great fan of your blog. Your work is out of this world. I love the way you have done the grass on your emblem. I wanted to do the grass in a similar way but settled for what I did, as I would have had to fringe it manually, and I don't have anywhere near enough patience for it. But I'm glad you had the same idea and it looks senational.

  2. Hey this very cute...

  3. Wow, the winking eye especially is beauutiful :) Wonderful work in all.

  4. Wow, I simply LOVE this design! So, so, so beautiful!

    Happy Crafting!


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