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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilling Tutorial New Petal Design - How To Winner

The quilled 3d flower frame on which this tutorial is based is here.

This quilling tutorial is for a new  petal design using the looping technique.

Red & White Flowers

..................... and the Prize Goes tooooooooo.........................


Who hit the nail right on the head!!
in guessing how it was made.

It is simple, short loop in the middle, Left and Right long loops, left and right short loops ( very similar to Butterfly Wing Leaf) using a single strip and wrap  around the petal and glue.

Make 2 small loops and wrap around using red strip. Make it smaller than the middle white loop. Insert it into the mid white loop with a tad of glue at the bottom.

White Veronicas

Paula & Angeline were Very Close

But remember I am a beehive fanatic?? I just made a beehive quilled  1.5 mm strip and then cut each sub-coil separate. When cut, 2 ends  will open up in all but the first sub-coil as shown above. I glued one end  to a stem which I made as per my tutorial. Took me just 10 minutes to make them.


  1. congrats Pooja!
    I'd have troubles getting the petals to be the same size !!

  2. 3D looks so nice. Great tutorial from you.

  3. Your works is wonderful :) I admire your quilling and invite you to me:

  4. thats amazing....I am new to quilling world do visit my blog


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