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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Butterfly-Wing Leaf

New Quilling Technique Butterfly-Wing Leaf

This quilling tutorial is for a butterfly -wing leaf  I created for the Floral Cascade Flower Frame  which was quilled by using a combination of husking and multi strip technique. However pins and cork board are not required as this is a  free hand husking method. 

The variation in this technique is that loops will alternate between short and long loops to achieve the butterfly –wing appearance. Please try to visualize the process by looking at the pictures before you read the instructions as it can be confusing  for those who do not understand what you have to do. 


Take two 3mm strips of the same green and score the side with your thumb-nail to curl the strips and glue them together.

Now make a loop upwards with both strips and hold it between the thumb and forefinger as shown on the left picture above, then pull the inner strip down  to create a shorter loop with your other hand while still holding the loop between thumb and forefinger as shown in the right picture, . (Loosen your grip when you pull with the other hand to allow the inner strip to slide down).

Now glue the strips together at the bottom and loop it around the bottom to the right, a little shorter than the first loop you created (mid loop)  and pull the inner strip to create a shorter one as before.

Glue the strips at the bottom and once again repeat the process to create a shorter  loop to the left as shown above .

Now create two more   loops to the right and the left which is longer than the short loops but shorter than the mid loop as shown above. (This is in order to get the tapering shape of the leaf).  Glue all the loops by using just a tad of glue at the bottom.

If you have strips left use it to encircle the leaf or use a new strip to encircle the leaf. Make sure you get the shape you require and do not tighten  too much. Glue it after encircling the required number of times. Glue the side loops slightly to the encircling strip to make them firm.

Shape the leaf by pinching the top if required. 

Lo and behold , a butterfly wing like leaf that can be used as petals and butterfly wings !!
Happy Quilling


  1. very nice, thestep by step pics are a big help, thanks!!!

  2. Thanx for the tutorial Christine....

  3. thanks for teaching the techinques you use... it is of great help to us :)

  4. Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much....!!!!

    It is nice to share ur knowledge to other....great.

  5. Hey Christine,
    Do you share your tutorials at freequillingpatteren .net too ?
    I have subscribed to it and receive mails from them about quilling tips n tutorials.
    One of the tutorials was about Quilled leaf Sprig and they had linked your post .
    But recently I received the mail about butterfly Wing leaf tutorial..It is your tutorial, copied as it is without images..
    but has no link to your blog.If you want I shall fwd you the mail.
    If you are already aware of it..then no probs,


    1. Thank you for informing me Pooja. I would love to have the email. On the brighter side, I am glad that they thought it good enough to copy!! I guess you simply cannot prevent people from pirating another's work. I would like to tell them to give a link to my blog so others can benefit from all the other stuff that is available. But the very title shows that it is a parasitic site that is trying to get visitors without any effort on their part. If they were ethical they would only be having links.

    2. Hi Christine !
      Now they have updated the tutorial with link to your blog : D ! If you want to check it plz mail me i;e give your mail Id .Whenever I try to rply by mail to you it shows no-rply blogger comment bcoz you haven't set your email visible.Its ok if you want it to be like that .The only problem is I have communicate through comments .

    3. Thank you Pooja. After you wrote me I emailed them to add the link and they have done so. Thanks for confirming and for looking out for me. Its great to have friends like you. God Bless You.


  6. Thank you for sharing your ideas,techniques and tips.Its great sharing your knowledge with all the people around the world!!


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