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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorials- Basic Shapes Used for Quilled Waterfall Landscape

How to Make Basic Shapes  Used for Quilled Waterfall Landscape

 Zig Zag Circle

 Lets call it that. Just fold the strip like a fan, breadth wise, then  encircle and paste.This is used for the waterfall . I have used double strips and made some mixed with light and dark blue. The options are endless when mixed with colors.

Flattened Coil
 Just make a coil with a large hole and flatten it. You can use this for hair, long grass, leaves ect. Just remember that when youn paste one to another it will leave space in the middle. I personally prefer the zig-zag circle.

Leafy Grass
 It is the same as husking just hold it in your hand and do it. No pins required. Curve the tip of the strip down and paste with a dash of glue (this forms the center  petal or blade). Take the strip around the bottom to one side of the fist petal and curve it down and paste. Take it around the bottom to the other side, then curve it and paste to form the third petal and so on till the strip is over.


  1. I love your website. I am intrigued as to how these effects are achieved and the tutorials are a revelation. 'So grateful for all the detail you have furnished; many best wishes always.


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