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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Quilling Technique For Assembling 3d Flowers

This is a new technique for assembling quilled flowers, that I adopted when I made Orange Blossoms  and the red quilled flowers in Flower Shower. This method makes it easier to incorporate the stems into the flower and is suitable for flowers with very small centers , for tubular flowers and for flowers you want to stand in vases.

Step 1.
Make the petals like the leafy grass in the tutorial here. Make sure all the loops are of the same size and make a maximum of 5 loops per petal for the above flowers.

Step 2
Make 4 such petals.

Step 3
 Now take a 3mm strip and tear it to make 4, 1' length strips.

Step 4
Score a line in the middle of each strip with an empty ball point pen or similar instrument.

Step 5
Now fold the 4 strips using the score marks. Use the valley side of the score mark  to form the valley of the fold.

Step 6
Now glue each strip to the petal so that the bottom tip of the petal is aligned to the valley of the fold as shown below. At this point you could get a few yellow strip pieces and glue it to the sides of the petals to form part of the center coloration. Alternatively, you could  glue the petal diagonally on the strip, aligned in the same way, to get a deep slant or cup.

Step 7
Now apply glue to the stems as shown and glue to another petal and make 2 half flowers. Now flatten the stems so that that stems of the two halves can be glued, and glue them together to make the flower.

Step 8
Apply a tad of glue to the center of the flower and make your hand into a fist and place the flower into the hole made by your index finger and thumb so the head of the flower with the glue faces up and sits on your fist. Take the blunt end of your quilling tool or a stylus and apply pressure downwards so that the head of the flower shapes into a cup and allow the glue to dry or you can shape it with your fingers as shown.The important thing is to allow the center glue to dry in a cupped position. Once this is done you can glue a center on top and a few pieces of yellow strips in between the petals to form the center.

 Step 9
Now apply some clear drying glue to the stem and twist it tight and allow to dry. Once dry you can make the green stem starting at any point. As shown coil it around a few times and glue it then start twisting it down with the strip diagonally to make the stem as in my tutorial here.

That's It !! you can use this method for flowers using quilled petals as well as it is very firm and these flowers can be placed in quilled vases.


  1. These is very nice technique .This way we can shape the flowers and hold the petals together too !Thanks very much christine for sharing it !

  2. Thanks for the lovely tutorial Chris. holding the petals together would be easy to add them to a 3D vase or miniature quilling .

  3. I was hoping for a tutorial and here it is , Thanks Christine.

  4. Lovely flowers, Christine. Thank you for the tutorial. Gonna try this technique soon.

  5. Thanks Christine for the tutorial :)

  6. Thank you for the tutorial I will try it.

  7. These petals are so unique Christine.thank you so much for sharing your talent and Thank you so much for dropping by my blog earlier and appreciating myHeart shaped box tutorial


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