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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilled Flower Frame - Daisies & Jezebel Butterfly

This quilled picture of a Jezebel butterfly alight  a daisy was made quite a while back when I was experimenting with quilling 3d flowers plants. I have not used coiling  technique to make the butterfly as I needed to interweave the yellow and red. I adopted my own folding technique here.

Here is a closer look.
I have made the fringed flowers and affixed stems which I made using the method given in my tutorials here. I have wrapped the leaves around the stems to get a realistic look. As you can see the leaves come out of the frame. I got the idea from my graphic quilled piece Sunflower and Swallowtail.

Those of you who like my butterflies can find heaps throughout my blog for which I have used numerous techniques. just type butterfly in the Search object  on the sidebar.

Remember making butterflies is pretty easy. Just use the method I have describe in my How to make a landscape - part 3 Section. Just use whatever basic shape is best suited for the wing sectors. Using an image will enable you to get better shaped wings and more accurate color sectors.

When deciding on the shape and method to use,  think ahead about how you are going to combine colors and get the patterns on the wings. My Tree nymph butterflies are good examples. Take a look at this tree nymph as opposed to this one. As you can see the technique chosen makes a big difference in the outcome.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and colorful butterfly, I salute you

  2. beautifull!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Very nice works.

  7. That's beautiful !! :)
    I invite to me :))


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