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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quilled Picture Landscape- Red Hooded Cranes By The River

Here is a quilled landscape picture of sand, water, stones, greenery and birds. Nature is my favorite topic for quilling and, combining diverse techniques to make something different from others, is something I have always striven towards.

I have used graphic quilling for the water and sand. The stones are made with 3d quilled shapes. The grass is hand husked and stands above the birds' feet and sand. The cranes' feathers are made to look realistic with shaped 3d quills.

The design is typically Chinese/Japanese. and the idea came to me from stencils.

Its been a long while... but I hope you find the time to visit my blog and tell me what you think.


  1. It is an amazingly beautiful piece of Art Christine !! you are back with a very pretty creation !!

  2. Gorgeous and stunning Chris ..
    was wondering about you.hope you are fine take care.

  3. Beautiful. I love the technique you used for the water.

  4. Its seems ages I visited your blog !! Wonderful quilled painting I loved how you have achieved realistic effect with different techniques .Sand & water look so real and the dimension on cranes too :)

  5. Hello !
    I'm sorry but I don't find how to contact you in a different way...
    I'm writing an article for a french creative cards magazine, about paper quilling.
    I find your work with paper very beautiful, but I love especially your card with the two birds (posted here : ) and the one with the cranes posted april, 8th, which is absolutely amazing !
    Do you allow me to use a photo of them in the article ? Of course, I will write your name and blog/website next to the picture.
    If yes, can you please answer as soon as possible (with sending a photo in high resolution it would be perfect !) ? I have to give my paper for tomorrow...
    Best regards,
    Elise AMANN (for the magazine named "Passion Cartes Créatives" issue 31)
    Please, answer by email to

  6. i like it, beautiful and real
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