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Friday, October 11, 2013

Quilled 3D Flower Frame - White Cherry Blossoms and Ceylonese Tree Nymph Butterfly

Well, I had a major issue with my Windows logon and have been shut out of the net for far too long. Had to restore my old version and lost all my software. I hate blogging from the android as typing with one finger is so uncomfortable.

Anyway thing are limping back to normal as all things eventually do.... So here I am back again with a post. Sorry I have not been visiting you guys!! I surely will, as soon as I get things back in order.

I have made the spray by combining the flower on stalks by imitating the inflorescence of the flowers and have used 1mm strips to make peg petals using the method I gave in my Butterfly Flower Frame.

 I have used wire stems and affixed it to the flower as in my tutorial here. The easiest easiest way to make the bunch is to look at the real thing and attach the flowers just like it using a 3mm strip to wind around the stems. Give a coating of glue to keep them firm. The wire gives you flexibility to arrange the flowers as you wish, later on.

I have cut the leaves out of paper and scored lines on it keeping it on a semi soft surface. I folded along the lines to make them stand out. Have a closer look :

For the butterfly, I have combined quilled basic shapes and folded basic shapes.  The body of the butterfly is made with shaped pegs and the wings are spread at a 50 degree angle. I adopt various ingenious methods to keep the wings at an angle. Using the glue gun is one way. I have followed the vein segments as closely as possible to get an authentic look for the wings.

Come tell me what you think.


  1. Very Pretty !!! the Butterfly looks very realistic ...the blossoms look Lovely.. .Congrats Chris ..i cant stop admiring the butterfly ...Gorgeous !!!

  2. loved the white cherry blossom and the tree nymph butterfly totally awesome chris.. love it..

  3. Hi Christine,
    Lovely work, your flowers and butterfly looks very pretty!!!

  4. Fabulous butterfly !! I loved the white cherry blossom flower too !

  5. Wow and more wows. A beautiful composition. your butterfly is delightful. Hugs Mrs A .

  6. gorgeous butterfly and flowers !!!!!

  7. Beautiful arrangement and the butterfly looks perfect.


  8. This is another fine job as did loved the arrangement!
    A spectacle!

  9. The butterfly is so pretty..............thanks for visiting my blog.


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