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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Quilled Nature Scene Landscape Painting - Autumn Forest Waterfall

I love the colors of autumn. The hues of red and yellow are so vibrant and full of life. Autumn to me is the very lifeblood of the seasons. Winter somehow seems such a waste, sort of a season of waiting for a new beginning. A time to gather strength and rest before the whole cycle of life begins again. But autumn is when the flora goes out with a bang in all its glory and majesty!!

This quilled painting is in honor of my favorite season. 

I have used folding and beehive techniques in combination for this project.

I read somewhere that the grass in the foreground should be long and the farther grass short to show distance , so that is what I have done. I have added a dark shade to give depth to the foreground grass.

As for the water, I have added green and brown to make it dark and give it a hint of reflection to the left. The waterfall has more white and I did not use beehive for the froth as the shape does not blend well with the waves. So I used strips to create the contours.

I have used beehive quilling for almost all of the background work. And this time I have got 2 layers for the trees.The shading comes through better as I have used darker color for the first layer of trees.

I have been using textured board for my backing paper but this time I thought I'd try may hand at creating the sky myself. I didn't want to quill the clouds, like in Flowing  River,  as I wanted the viewer to focus on the scene . So I have used oil crayons and colored the sky.

I looked up a video on YouTube and then drew the sky. Since Oil pastels smudge, the layering of the sky had to be done in the proper order and I don't have a clue about painting. So as always, I did a bit of research and analysis!! ( Old habits die hard I guess!!) I am glad it went well with the whole scene.

Initially I thought of using an orange sky but then thought blue  would bring out the quilling better, so that is the color I used and  I am glad I did.

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As always I'd love for you to take time to comment. Don't think you are too new to quilling or to young to comment. We are always learning and are rookies at something which in time we master. All comment are appreciated.


  1. Totally unreal!! Absolutely beautiful! That waterfall is killing me!

  2. This is so beautiful, Christine !! so apt to call this ' Quilled Painting' the sky too !!

  3. So beautiful, Chris! Dept not only in grass but in the wood! Great job!

  4. So beautiful the flowing water and the grass..

  5. This is fantastic, you have captured the scene just right!

  6. Well my dear, the only word for this is stunning!!!
    I love autumn too and you have captured it so well.

  7. Mindblowing!! Waterfall looks gorgeous!! Very lovely! And colors you used are cool. And two layers of trees make the picture look very realistic, it's not just "it's gotta be forest here" or pretend-wood, it's a real thing! Trunks and leaves, everything's in its place! Very impressive!

  8. przepiękne i te jesienne kolory. Cudne:)))

  9. This is totally amazing. The water just flows with life. Speechless. hugs Mrs A.

  10. oh wow this is awesome, love it !!!!

  11. This is fantastic autumn Chris :)

  12. Its fantastic Chris ! I loved the water n reflection in it a lot ,painted sky looks wonderful too.SO much of patience do quill such detailed scene ,I can never imagine doing it myself !

  13. Amazing landscape.. As usual you have done a lot of detailed work.. Love the trees and waterfall.. Pastel work is done perfectly.. dsn't seem you did it for the first time.. :) Keep up the good work.

  14. This is absolutely stunning Christine! Every bit of this work is quilled to perfection and, your attention to detail is amazing.

  15. We do not need paint, we have a paper! =)

  16. Christine,
    I love their beautiful works!
    You are very talented and creative and your quilling is perfect!

  17. Wow! Amazing landscapes! I wish I had enough patience to do such big quilled things.... ;)
    Greetings from Poland! :)


Thank you for taking time to comment.

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