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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunset & Silhouette - Quilled Landscape Picture Art

I was always fascinated by silhouette photography so I thought I'd try to do it justice by quilling one just to see how it turned out.  I love the way it did . I have quilled the sunset on water scene only slightly below the black . I have used pegs under the black silhouette foreground. The method is the same as in my landscape tutorial. I have squashed the coils that are used for the background to make them less elastic and more malleable. The black foreground and bamboo silhouette coils are not squashed. You can see the difference from the shape.

You should note however, that you will have to use many more coils if you squash and use. So if you are lazy like me, don't squash unless you need to emphasize the flow or need more control over the quills.

Squashing the coils make it flatter and more malleable for shaping.


  1. This is mind blowing!!


  2. Thanks jyoti.I love your work. Please join quilling cafe if you haven't already so that others will appreciate your work too. Just click on my slideshow if you need to get there.

  3. How nice this landscape is! Just perfect!

  4. nice idea & it is so beautiful


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