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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quilled Picture of Nature Landscape Scene - Bird Among the Bamboo

Its been a while since my last post !! I have been exploring Chinese and Japanese paintings and I came up with the idea of quilling some bamboo as it looks so elegant.  Then I thought I'd add a bird to break the monotony and ended up with this quilled nature scene.

The bamboo shoots are made by folding strips of many shades of green. I am quite delighted at the results as it looks quite similar to the actual shading of the bamboo.

The leaves too are made with folded strips which I have glued three dimensionally with some curving out of the background.This effect is more noticeable on the leaves on the right of the image as the idea struck me when I was doing that part of the quilled picture. Now that I am more experienced in quilling landscapes  I usually try and pay more attention to perspective to get a more natural look.

If you  take a look at my other quilled birds like my Swan Lake, Parrot , Bird in a Bower, Humming Bird and Robin, I have always used the background elements to create the 3d effect rather than curving the body of the bird.( maybe that's what I will try out next!!)

I previously quilled bamboo too for my piece called Sunset & Silhouette  but used basic tear shapes and was not too thrilled at the results, so here I folded the strips as I mentioned before and got much better results.

If you wish to create your own designs, my advise to you is, take a concept you like and come up with ideas of how best you can quill it!! Try to do something different from what everyone is doing. Then go ahead and do it. If it turns out bad, just tip it into the bin!! After all nothing creative is a waste of time, we all learn far more thru our mistakes.

Here is a closeup showing more details

Would love to have your comments as always


  1. So pretty!! your bird doesn't look quilled at all. It looks like a picture. Really well done.

  2. Very beautiful! But I would like to see more details!

  3. This quilled painting is one of my favorites from you so far. If not my very favorite! It doesn't even look like it's quilled... I also like the bamboo and it's on my quilling list for some time, I hope I will get the courage to quill it!

    I have one little favor to ask: I would love to see more close up pictures in your posts so I can admire every detail in your work and maybe a side view, I am always curious to see how all the quilled elements come together!


  4. Christine, this has such a painting like quality.....and the details are amazing, look at the claws!!I want to know how you did the bamboo shoots

  5. The bamboo is fantastic, Ghris! All together as a compostion is so magentic, colorful and yours.... ;)

  6. gorgeous bird, love how you did the bamboo, I wouldnt of thought to fold the strip for it, good idea!!!!
    I also checked out the cone shapes, and liked how you formed them, I'll have to try that!!!!!

  7. The shading and your quilling technique has done its magic once again !If you didn't mention the bamboo shoots n leaves would go for real ones!Such amazing is your quilling, The bird is equally amazing.I really admire n respect your approach to create new path rather than to traverse the tried n tested ones.About tossing in the bin..I just tossed two of my cards n learned what not to do :D !!

  8. Wow! This is awesome! Looks so real, like painting. Well done!

  9. I love bamboo plants and your quilling bamboo look so realistic. Another fantastic piece.

  10. Christine
    What a fabulous creation. The bamboo is so elegant looking and the little bird just puts that extra special touch to it all.
    Well done, as usual.

  11. Hi Christine ,

    This looks amazing ...the bamboo doesn't seem to be quilled it looks as if the tiny bird and bamboo are real ..
    thanks for your recent visit ..we are now having holidays ...schools start by september .hope to be back to blogging and quilling in september ..thanks once again for your love and affection .


  12. Lovely idea, wonderfull creation, I like your work, nice way to execute everything, it looks amazing, like in the japanese paintings. Congrats!

  13. Chris How will I not check your blog :) I did but Couldnt drop comments though :)
    I love the leaves more than the bird:) so natural and the colors used are stunning :)

  14. Fantastic bamboo! Very smart move of using different shades together, it really looks very elegant and true-to-life! love how you followed the natural lines and the design of leaves.
    And the bird - it's your strong side! Your birds are very inspiring and very well done!!!

  15. Brilliant work Christine!! I simply cant take my eyes of the bamboo, it looks so life like and the bird like your previous ones is amazing.

  16. ohh my god, this is awesome ! I love all your blog ♡ /if you want, check my quilling blog

  17. awesome! the bird looks so real!


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