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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Parrot - Quilled Picture Landscape

I quilled this parrot like a quilled landscape or quilled picture from an image of it. I used loose scrolls made from A4 length 3mm strips.I find it is important to get the eyes right to get a realistic look. I am quite impressed with the fact that it has a bit of depth.

I tried to arrange the quill to follow the natural curves of the bird to get the depth. I clipped the edge of the quilled marque to get the feathery effect .
For the eyes, I made a coil and allowed it to relax a wee bit before gumming it. Then I made an itsy white tight scroll and fattened it into a 1/4 moon and inserted it off center to get the highlight effect.

I made the palm by looking at one in my garden ( I live in the tropics)by pasting between 10 to 12, 1/4 A4 strips to form a 3/4 circle.  I scored lines on each leaf strand by placing it on a semi hard surface and then drawing lines with a blunt instrument. If the surface is hard the lines won't get embossed and if the surface is too soft the paper will tear.

I had made the parrot and branch on a cut-out so I was able paste the parrot on top of the palms .

On hind sight , I feel I should have stuck a few tight scrolls and mounted the parrot on top the give a nice 3D effect  to the scene.

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