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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quilled Lanscape Picture Flower Frame - Behind The Picket Fence

Today's Landscape Picture is inspired by childhood memories . The picket fence always brings back joyous memories of my childhood home and all those wonderful flowers in full bloom which , beauty was enhanced by the white picket fence.

I have made this in 4 layers and the fence is the bottom most. I have used 3d cones. beehive quilling , quilled roses, fringed flowers and various types of leaves for this project.

The yellow flowers are the same grass flowers I used for Black maned Lion and Lilly White. I love the lacey look of it and they are quite easy to make.

The red flowers are the same as the white veronica  I used in Flower Shower. The white bell flowers are 3d cones and I have glued them directly onto the backing unlike all the other flowers where I made the plant and then glued it onto the backing.

The little pink roses are made from 3mm strips and look very dainty. I have used this extensively in my landscapes like Quilled Tree .

I hope to do a tutorial on the yellow flowers so those of you who have not done so already, click on Join to get Updates or  Get e mails. This blog is for You  to look and learn.


  1. SO beautiful !Lovely flowers, reminds me of spring when so many flowers bloom.

  2. This looks so natural, love the tiny roses, the yellow flowers and the delicate orange flower!!

  3. Awesome landscape, love all these beautiful flowers you made!!!

  4. Gorgeous!
    I loved it!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Very pretty Chris.It is a beautiful idea.

  6. Love the whole scene ..and those wonderful little flowers...Yup Picket fence always brings about the wonderful scene of garden at home...

  7. Christine
    Gorgeous work.

  8. So pretty! Definitely a beautiful scene.

  9. OMG, it is so pretty! it looks so realistic.

  10. Wov! Beautiful frame


  11. Chris, this landscape is great - so sunny, colorful and live!!!

  12. Awesome design i really like it. Thanks for sharing!

    White Picket Fence


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