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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mould Quilled 3D Flower Frame - Lilly White

A quilled frame of Lillies with mould quilled petals. The leaves are mould quilled too to get curvature. This was gifted to my best friend  who brought me some crafting tools which has made my life so much easier

The white and yellow bunches are beehive quilled and are similar to the flower bunches I used for
Flower Shower, except that they are glued on a single plane onto strips instead of stems.

I have used  marquees for both the flowers and the leaves unlike the beehive quilling I used for the moulded flowers in Flowers on a Trellis.

A simple method to prevent  the marquee from popping out to much is to hold both the pinched ends  and move the top to the left while you move the bottom to the right a few times. That way you can remove the elasticity of the paper and control your moulded shapes more.

Once the petals were done, making the flowers were pretty simple. I shall post a few pics on how the flowers were made in my next post which will be after I return from my holiday. Another tip to standardize the size and shape of the petal when quilling on moulds, is to keep a count of the number of rows you used for the first petal and the number of marquees used for each row. Generally if you increase each row by one marquee it will get wide smoothly and vise versa. 

For the leaves the length of the marquee and the angle at which you glue will determine how wide the leaf is. However you can use the same method as for the petal for leaves too.

I have used 2.5" strips for the petal marquees and 11" strips for the leaf marquees.

Looking forward to reading your comments but please bear with me for taking time to reciprocate as I will be out for about 10 days.


  1. Wow ! I loved the flowers and leaves in this arrangement a lot !The molded petals look fab and I loved the use of various greens for leaves too !

  2. Hi ... great work, very time consuming but the effect is amazing! ... I admire all :)

  3. Very beautiful. The flowers do pop out of the frame . Love your arrangement too.

  4. This is so beautiful....very detail, gorgeous arrangement. Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiration.

  5. How awesome you made this card, great quilling!

  6. beautiful flowers,like how you did the leaves to, arrangement is nice !!!

  7. Gorgeous!! Loved the flowers and leaves..perfect frame!!

  8. Beautiful specific style! Excellent design!

  9. Christine
    What can I say? I love this. This is such a beautiful piece of art. The colors are perfect and the frame is too.

  10. wow, this is a nice piece! the colours really pop on a dark background!

  11. This is such a lovely piece of work!

  12. Such gorgeous flowers...just popping our from bg...Just perfect feast to eyes :)

  13. molto carino , brava un bacio ciao.

  14. Speechless with admiration! Each flower alone must have taken ages to produce. Hugs Mrs A.

  15. Chris, you had such a great with those curved petals! The flowers look more full and natural, just like the real ones. The overall arrangement is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly with the black background!


  16. What a beautiful arrangement!

  17. Thank you all for taking time to visit my blog and comment and for all your inspiring words. Its good to be back and as promised my next post is on how the petals are made.


Thank you for taking time to comment.

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