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Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Compound Spike Flower

As promised a tutorial on quilling compound spike type (inflorescence type) flowers which I used for the quilled Black Maned Lion Behind the Picket Fence and  Lilly White. The one here has been quilled densely with more coiling.

Beehive Quilling Tip - simply insert your quilling tool away from the end of the strip and roll either clockwise or anti clockwise, the desired number of times . Make the second coil by inserting the tool an inch or less away from the end of the previous coil and continue as before making several sub-coils using one continuous strip. It will look like the pic below. If you turn the tool clockwise for one coil and anticlockwise for the next, it will look like the second one in the same Pic.
 You can find beehive quilling tips through the search button on the side bar just like you Google stuff.


Take 3 shades of red or a combination of red and orange 3mm strips.  The darker shades should be about twice the length  ( I used 2,  9 "strips and a 5' orange one) of the lightest shade.

Tear the 2 darker shade strips in 2, then glue in the following order :-

 darkest, dark, light, dark and the darkest to make one long strip as in the 2nd Pic.

Now start beehive quilling and start the first coil about .75 inches away from the end of the strip as shown above. Turn clockwise about  5 to 6 clockwise turns and squash it  in the middle as shown above. If you want it to be lace like, make only 3 turns and do not squash.

  Continue to make about 6 more or any number of coils ensuring  you have an odd number of coil. Tear off the excess strip and glue the first and last coils shut. Then arrange  it as shown above.

 Now glue 2 strips together to make a thick stem and tear a 3' piece, then apply glue to one side as shown and glue 3 marquee coils to that side. Now leave one on top and glue the final 3 coils to the other side as shown in the pic. For the lacey flower, you have to glue the coils shut  and shape only the top most coil.

 Once glued it should look like the above..  Now press the 3 coils that are pointing upwards, down and allow to dry. Also glue the top most  coil shut .  If your marque are opening out too much glue them lightly.

Your finished spike flower should look like the above. This may not be that easy for those who have no experience with manipulating beehive quilling but try with newspaper strips till you get the hang of it and then it is a breeze.

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  1. very nice, will try this one !!!!

  2. Easy and beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is awesome, Christine! Thank you for a wealth of ideas and an abundant generosity!

  4. nice, thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Christine Thank you for the tutorial. Easy and beautiful!

  6. I love visiting your blog Christine ! There is always something new to learn, thanks a lot for sharing this technique !

  7. Comosiempre precioso trabajo, felicidades, gracias por compartir.


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