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Friday, June 28, 2013

Quilled Picture - Leaves & Berries

Today, it's quilled berries with an emphasis on the quilled compound leaves, inspired by a pic I took some time back.

I have seen many beautiful leaves, but wanted to try out a compound leaf  with tiny leaflets. I had the option of using leaves like in my tutorial on compound leaf, or my tutorial on looped compound leaf  but I wanted the leaves to be solid for this one, as the emphasis would be on the leaves. So,  I have used beehive quilling to create these leaves.

I prefer to used outline leaves in floral frames for a delicate look or most of the time, for landscapes.

Here, the leaves are made very similar to the compound spiked flower for which I posted a tutorial in my last post. Take a closer look,

As you can see , the sub coils have been glued slanting and facing upwards and I have used a combination of greens and browns. I used beehive as it was much quicker than quilling individual leaves and then gluing them to create each leaf.

As you can see,  a simple variation of a method can give you a very different outcome and  open out so many options. I find the main thing about quilling different themes and designs is to be imaginative and innovative. Another trick is to keep a quilling eye open !! If I like something, I always look at it with the intention of quilling it without repeating the same old technique.

I have made the branches in 3d and mounted them on the backing.  I generally look at similar leaves and try to imitate nature so it looks more natural and real.

The berries are simple pegs with some glued on top of others.

I hope you like this frame as much as I enjoyed quilling it. And thank you all in advance for taking the time to comment. You are my inspiration.


  1. Hi Christine, this looks so Natural and lifelike!! love your placement of leaves and the combination of colors. would make a lovely adornment on any space!!
    Hugs, Suman

  2. This is a lovely composition of leaves and berries a good technique!

  3. This is really beautiful, Christine! I agree with the others about the natural look and the leaves, especially the colour combo in the leaves.

    What is that wonderful paper you are using for background?

  4. Beautiful!
    His work and his creativity always amaze me!

  5. This is very real Christine ! I loved the leaves a lot..and thanks again for telling us a new method...!

  6. Wow !!!!! amazing and very real ..

    1. the leaves in different colors look awesome !!!
      Angelin .

  7. I would of never known it was bee hive used in this, so realistic, love it !!!

  8. You are always full of ideas Christine! Thank you for sharing with us! And thanks for the support for my new work (coming soon) :)

  9. Very beautiful Chris. The different shades make your work come alive.

  10. Robisz same wspaniałe prace, jesteś dla mnie mistrzem quillingu :)
    You're doing the same great work, you are my master quillingu :)

  11. Christine
    What a gorgeous creation. Love the simplicity and brightness of it.

  12. Am in total awe of the pictures that you produce. This one is gorgeous. Hugs Mrs a.

  13. you come up with lots of ideas Chris.. love it :) its sooo real :)

  14. You manage to create something so striking just by using basic, easy quilled shapes! I love it how you always come up with new ideas, Chris!


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