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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quilling Technique Tutorial - Adding Dimension to Flat, Quilled Landscapes and Pictures

This tutorial is posted at the request of one of my followers. The question was what I meant by " gluing the basic shapes to follow the contours of the object being quilled.

This concept is demonstrated clearly in my quilled sunset project.

Nevertheless here is a pictorial. 

As an example let's say we are Quilling a curved object in a landscape picture.

First of course we would draw or print the picture. Then we would make the basic shapes.

 I have made 2 types of basic shapes here. The straight marquis for a circle that looks flat or 2dimensional and the half moons for the circle to which I want to add the appearance of 3d. The word appearances being the salient feature here.

 As you can see  from the PIC, I have a used the curved shapes on the left and the straight shapes on the right in the same oval shape to highlight the difference in appearance.
I have glued the curved shapes to follow the contour of the oval so it appears rounded in contrast to the right side where I have glued the marqee straight lengthwise not following the curved contour thus making it appear flat and 2dimensional.

 After adding a few more shapes to fill a larger area the difference ic clearer.

The light yellow shapes are more curved and have been added to highlight the increased curveture.

Here is another PIC which shows how you can achieve different depth and effect using the same shape just by changing the direction they are glued in.

The object to the left looks more rounded and smoother bringing out a softer look just based on the direction and shape ofwase quilled basic shape .

This is what I am talking about when I say use the quilled shapes to bring out  3rd dimension , which is depth, same as in painting.

Hence, when quilling birds and animals or any other object,  you can acheive a more realistic appearance if you use the quilled shapes to follow the shape or curves of the object being quilled.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and clears up whatever confusion that some of you may have had.


Thank you for taking time to comment.

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