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Monday, December 21, 2015

Quilling Technique Tutorial - How to cut thin strips by hand

This tutorial is on how to cut thin stips to make 3d quilling. I have tried using a paper cutter but feel that the wastage is high. So I now cut them manually even though it takes more patients. So here goes.....

Things required
A cutting mat with mm markings for accurate cutting.
A metal ruler. It's better if heavy. If your ruler is curved, straighten it and have the curve facing down on the mat for a better grip.
Sharp box cutter. Make sure only the tip juts out and that it is sharp. If blunted sand paper it sharp. Sand the flat side holding sand paper flat, and for the angled side of  the blade hold the sandpaper with the angle to get a razor sharp edge.

Next, align your paper using the grid lines on the cutting mat.

Align the ruler on the paper leaving the required size margin. First align the top part. Of your paper. Make sure your light source is to the right if right handed so there is no shadow.
 Then slightly pull the bottom and align it while not changing the top alignment. Lay your hand flat on the ruler with you thumb and forefinger at the bottom and top of the ruler.

For accuracy you may mark the required interval at the top and bottom of the paper and use the markings and the grid of your cutting mat to align the ruler.

Your hand should be as shown in the PIC when aligning and cutting.
Just use your thumb and fore finger to align the ruler. I eyeball the size keeping a strip by the side for guidance.

Once the ruler is aligned make sure you spread tour fingers as wide as possible over the length of the ruler and you fingers are away from the edge of the ruler and press down to hold the paper steady.
Place the box cutter above the start of the paper (see PIC )
Stand with your body's central axis in line with the ruler so you can push down on the ruler without straining. Hold the box cutter further away from the blade with you index finger on the ridge to make the blade steady.  

The blade should be held vertical  with the edge of the ruler, press your hand vertically down on the ruler, apply just enough downward pressure and cut in one sweep or stop halfway and slide your hand to the bottom half of the ruler without moving the ruler and cut again.

Do not shift the ruler till you can lift the cut strip with the blade, and if there are uncut portions cut them and lift the strip and keep it aside before adjusting the ruler. 
Continue process till you have all the strips you need. 
Watch a YouTube video on cutting strips with craft knife if you require it.

Hope this tutorial was enlightening.
If you liked it please leave your comments.


  1. Christine,
    You always teaching us to work the quilling.
    Merry Christmas!

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