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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quilled Picture Papercut Silhouette - Reindeer in the Snow

I have combined paper cutting and quilling for this quilled picture, Reindeer in the Snow, for which I have used only beehive quilling as a background. Usually, the paper cut is mounted on a paper backing but I wanted to make it a bit different, so whats better than using beehive quilling to depict a snowy backdrop?

For tips on beehive quilling check out my tutorial, which is for those who already know the basic beehive technique.

This one was very simple, I got a couple of silhouettes of reindeer and Photoshopped the design and then cut it out with a craft knife. Then I covered the backing paper with beehive quilling. I have used two variations of the beehive. The border is made of the variation I introduced in filigree flower .  The beehive variation is given in the Filigree Poinsettia Tutorial.

The snow backdrop for the center is the usual beehive quilling pasted closely, taking care not to allow it to unwind too much. When glued close it looks really good and can be used for background filling.

Enjoy and be motivated.


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