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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Quilling- Quilled Stained Glass Window

Now for a change!! A quilled picture of the Nativity of Christ. A quilled mosaic stained glass window design using only beehive quilling, quilled like a mat.

If you hold it up, the light comes through just like a stained glass window; the reason for using beehive. Looks rather holy ( Just couldn't resist that pun!!).

Well it took me a lot of time to get the beehive quilling stuck one to the other!! Not an easy task at all!! Mother Mary's face had to be redone twice. Would have been much easier to glue it to the backing, but I wanted to try and use clear plastic for the final mounting so the light can come through.

I am happy with the results as it is something unique!! Probably the first time a mosaic design has been quilled!!

Hope you like it too. Should look great on a card too.

Sorry I forgot my how to!!

The steps involved are fairly simple but the task is laborious for someone like me who does not have too much patients!! I basically overlaid a printout with a plastic sheet and shaped the black outline with around 4 strips stuck together for a thick, visible outline and then filled it with beehive quilling ensuring that each sub-coil had glue on the sides. To do this, I basically filled the shape with beehive and then took a tad of glue on a toothpick and poked it between adjacent sub-coils to stick them together. Got them stuck to my fingers many a time, threw out a few in a temper and then managed to complete it somehow. It did get easier with practice though. Just made sure the proportions of the hands were as per the drawing.

I used a towel to hold the beehive coils down till dry after I had that "eureka" moment. Avoid getting the glue on top,but if you do, do not panic. Just wipe it off with a damp napkin before it dries. Keep your fingers clean at all times so keep a damp cloth handy.

For my beehive quilling tips follow this link.


  1. Wow ! this is amazing ! Doing all the facial and body features with beehive and that too without backing is simply marvelous !

  2. I understand how difficult it must have been, To glow the beehives and wait for it to keep its shape.only you can think of something like this. Really fabulous. love it.

  3. wow turned out awesome,never thought to use stained glass for pattern, thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Thank You all for all those wonderful inspiring comments.

  5. Absolutely wonderful!
    A beautiful stained glass Renaissance in quilling

  6. Beautiful!!

  7. Lovely all ur creations and tutorials..thanks

  8. jus lovely. can u plz help by teaching how to do the face and the eyes and the lips for joseph , mary and baby jesus. can u plz help


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