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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To Blend Quills - Quilling Tutorial

How to Blend Quills for Landscapes Tutorial

Quilled art can be created as pictures or landscapes. Pictures are quilled using quills to create the design elements such as feathers in a bird, leaves on a tree ect. However in landscapes, quills are pasted close and are used more like brush strokes. Hence, blending becomes important in quilling landscapes in  order to achieve the painted effect.

I am new to quilling and am self  taught. In my landscapes I have used my own method of blending, and here is how.
In my Humming bird ( Fiuchsia Shower) I have used dark green and light green to achieve the shading of the bird’s head and wings. In the sunset landscape I have blended shades of red, orange and yellow. I have given details in one of my comments.

To blend,  I took two strips, one of each color and made a single coil and shaped it. This method will give you a blended quill of a lighter shade if blended with a light color and darker shade if blended with a dark color.  Note that I have blended black and white for some of the chest feathers in the humming bird.

In the pic below I have blended maroon /pink in a,  light & dark pinks in b and  pink & white in c.

Blending can be done similar to how you blend with pencil colors. Best method is to try out the blends and choose those which fit your landscape best.

D and e are created by encircling. I use these type of quills when I need to show direction or flow such as for clothing and fur. (check out a lion share of love) . You can also use darker shades to depict shadow and lighter shades for highlight. As long as you follow the shading and use the direction of the quills like paint brush strokes your landscape will turn out fine.

The pic shows all the above quills once pasted together.

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