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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graphic Quilling Picture Landscape Art- Bambi & Thumper Twittypating

I Love Bambi so I thought I'd try quilling a line drawing. This is done graphic quilling style and was created by pasting a single strip in place of lines.Wow! I like the way it turned out.

I quilled tight coils for the nose & eyes. To get the highlight in the eye, I pasted a white tight coil after shaping the black coil and pasted it to the side and then wrapped it around in black once again. I am proud of the way the eyes turned out, as I have managed to maintain the innocent sparkle in the eye.

And for the foliage I used left over fillers and paper. The round flower is beehive quilling , the grass flowers are created by folding the strip up & Down while holding it between your thumb and index finger and then encircling and pasting the strip.

I usually use the beehive circle for treetops and the zig zag circle for quilling images.


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