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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quilled Picture Landscape Art- A Feathery Discussion

This quilled picture of birds came out really well.
I have used Husking for the head and tail. For the male's tail feathers I fringed a 3mm . blue strip slightly and pasted to the husked tail feather.

I created the branched and the bird's feet by rolling the paper on a toothpick like a cylinder.

The leaves are my own creation. I just cut it in shape and folded it at the center and then folded it like a fan . I love the look.

The big mistake I made was not thinking of the background before quilling the birds. Then I had to quill round the birds to create the backdrop which took me a lot of time. Beginners please don't make the same mistake.


  1. wow! brilliant all you Quilling work I love your work!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. Thank You Baukje. Your comment means a lot to me. I'm a great admirer of yours and I think you are brilliant and your cards are out of this world. Thanks for joining my site.

  3. So sweet lovebirds! I like the combination of yellow and blue :)


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