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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilled Picture Portrait of Jesus Christ - Father, Forgive Them

A quilled portrait of Jesus Christ On the cross, quilled landscape style with basic shapes in black & white is today's post. Easter has no meaning without Good Friday, so this is dedicated to all believers in Christ, in mercy and in forgiveness and redemption. The greatest gift is to be able to forgive those who hurt us.

I quilled this because it reminds me of the moment when Christ said "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do".

I am glad that the beauty of the face has come out well. I have quilled it like a mat so that it can be glued onto any backing.

I have done a couple of portraits of Jesus Christ, both relating to Good Friday here and here. One was using basic shapes and the other using strips packed densely. I was determined to get the eyes and the expression just right, so I chose a design with the eyes opened to work on.

I'd love to hear your comments.


  1. I am so lost for words. Clearly my new favourite of yours. How beautiful the look in the eyes. I wish I could have watched you quill.

  2. Oh My ..! This is amazing..superb..I just don't have enough words to describe it !

  3. Wonderful divine is the beauty!!!

  4. Wow!!!! This is awesome. Christ looks perfect. You have done a great job on quilling the face so nice and realistic. Congrats !!!!

  5. oh wow..its perfect..amazing work..

  6. Christine
    Such life like work.
    Easter certainly is a time for reflection.

  7. Brilliant work, especially the eyes. The background is so apt.

  8. wow!!!! this is so beautiful!!!
    looks as if you did alot of folding the strips to make him !!!

  9. Wov! beautiful.

    Great work done superb!!!!

  10. Beautiful! I love how you remembered the reason for Easter. God bless you!

  11. Thank you dear friends for your inspiring comments. I am truly inspired by your appreciation of my efforts.

  12. Christine, beautiful work even I suppose took some time to do it. You're a inspiration for me so keep on going, I'm follow you. with respect, Bogdan

  13. Great those lively eyes....u brought life to it!!!!

  14. awesome!!! Beautiful quilling.. great work!


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