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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quilled Picture Portrait Jesus Christ Bearing Cross - To Calvary

I quilled a portrait, landscape or picture style of Jesus carrying the cross different from the previous one. For this project I used my own quilled filler and for the lines that needed to be well defined I used strips. This image was quilled like a mat and pasted on a black background.

I just folded 3mm strips Zig zag between thumb and forefinger and encircled and pasted to make the filler. I am really thrilled with the results. I used forceps to paste it and am now gaining on the battle with the paste!!

Hope you like this one as much as I do... it took me ages to complete.


  1. OMG!!! Your work is just gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi, this is Catherine. This is the first time am visiting ur blog. Liked every bit of it. And especially this one-off Gorgeous.... Can't believe this is quilled. I have recently started quilling n in my early stages of it. Ur tips n tutorials are very useful. Thank u. Will keep following ur blog.

  3. Hi Cathrine,
    I'm glad you find my tutprials useful. I too am new to quilling , like been at it only about 6 months. I would encourage you to try quilling this. once you get down to it, it is not that difficult.

  4. fantabulous !!!!

    1. Thank you. Follow my landscape tutorial and you can try one like this too.

  5. Hi, i just visited your blog. your work is beautiful. I became fan of quilling as well as yours. Every tutorial is very useful and informative. I m just a beginner. I had a query for portrait quilling that the fillers you have used in this portrait that how you made? is it just loose coil or some other technique is used? For portrait and typography quilling, 3 mm strips will work or i should go through 5 mm? i m trying to do a picture incorporating potrait of religious leader as well as his quotes. So bit confused. As it shouldn't go wrong so need your guidance.

    Awaiting for your reply.



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