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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilled Flowers- A Symphony of Daisies

Well I've been quilling my thumbs off trying to quill landscape pictures, so I thought I'd take a break and quill some simple 3d flowers and this is the result.

For the daisies I made the yellows fringe with 1.5 cm 2"strips and pasted .75" brown strip of same width and the fringe is slightly broader. This was pasted to 2cm white strip which I cut with a scallop pinking scissor and fringed even broader.

The stems are made of brown strips which are cut narrow and gradually broadening towards the end. This was wrapped around a cocktail stick and the edge which overlaps was gummed slightly to prevent the stem from unwinding.

The ribbons are multi-strips grpahic quilling.


  1. Priya aunty, this is incredible!! I absolutely LOVE your work!! We would love to have some of your work, esp. the black and white piece. Would it be possible to send it to us? Dheeraj would like it for our new house!
    - Jigna

  2. Thank You Nati I really appreciate your comments.


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