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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - 3 Color Folded Petals

A new quilling technique for making 3D flowers from paper strips. I call this quilled coz you need 3mm or 2mm strips. The thinner the strip the daintier it will look. This method is easy and can be adopted by begginers too.

The method is flexible and ideal for making petals with several colored layers. You could also insert color strips between the folds to get a different appearance. There are many possibilities so be innovative.

I have used this technique for Pansy Paradise and Sweet Williams.


Make 5, looped petals with 5 loops each using white strips. Look under Leafy Grass in my tutorial here  if you don't know how to make them. You can adopt my size standardisation method here to get  petals of the same size. Make the folds about 3mm long

Now make zig-zag or fan folds with 5 peaks each using 5 pink strips. You could keep the top looped instead of folding if you wish to have looped petals. The loops should be of the same size. Make the height about 1 cm.

Glue the the folded strips over the looped petals as shown above. 
Now take 5 strips and fold as shown above. One long, one short if you require uneven edged flowers. You have to have 9 peaks, 5 short and 4 long. make the long fold about 5mm.
Once again, glue the strip on top of the pink as shown above about 3/4ths the way up like a cap. Make sure the long fold are in between and only the short folds are glued to the pink loops.

Once you make all 5 petals you can arrange them into a flower and glue the petals onto a center or to the adjoining petals. For the Dianthus, I have no center. The stamens are glued to the middle of the flower.
 Suman Pandit left an excellent comment, this turns out better if the paper is heavier as it holds the shape better so do try it out with 100 or 120 gsm paper.

Good Luck!!


  1. I have tried these with strips cut from magazine borders and these have come out well. one tip: when using art paper/magazine paper, it is easier and faster to glue and it holds the shape much better.

  2. That IS easy. At least it looks like it is. Thank you for sharing it because I never would have figured how to do it on my own.

    I Create Purty Thangs

  3. Nice tutorial Christine and very cute flower :)

  4. Very nice Christine. Thanks for the tip.It does give the flower a natural look.

  5. This technique is very different from what I thought !!Thanks for sharing it chris !

  6. Se ve bien bonita la flor, probré a ver como me sale, gracias por compartir.


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