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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Graphic- Quilling Quilled-Landscape Quilled-Seaside Quilled-Scenery - Palm Beach

I thought I'd post this quilled seaside landscape picture, for which I used graphic quilling technique and which I did a long while back, today.

The last week has been so dismal, with storms, hurricanes and floods and so many people have lost so much. During such times, one tends to forget the wonders and beauty of nature which acts like balm to the troubled soul.

This piece is dedicated to all those who lost so much, and I hope the tranquil scene will help you remember that  your troubles will pass away and all will be  serene , calm and well once again just like the sea  which can be so destructive one moment, and so tranquil the next. Just keep positive and believe that all will be well.

I have used strips torn to different lengths, and the method used is similar to the tree trunk tutorial. As I keep repeating , use dark and light shades to create depth.

For the cresting waves, I have used beehive technique which is a great favorite of mine. Even though I love this technique, I only use it where I think it is relevant and represents the element I am trying to depict. I generally use it where fluffy or rounded elements look good.

For the palm  leaves, I have used all shades of green and have folded the strip in V shapes and glued it trying to imitate the natural flow of the leaves. Remember gravity will pull the leaves down.

It looks like this when laid flat on the table. I love the way it looks when laid flat as the spaces are not so visible.
Tips for graphic quilling is available here.


  1. This is amazing ! The tree leaves look as if they will swing at any moment !The waves look so real !Its almost like painting !!

  2. wow this is soo amazing..your work is looks so real

    1. Thank you for admiring my efforts. Your comments are a great motivation for me to try harder.

  3. Ciekawe i piękne prace. Pozdrawiam! :)

  4. How do you get the strip edges to lay so perfectly, beautiful.

    1. There are two ways of making the strip edges align. One is, you start pasting the strip from the place where alignment is necessary and apply glue to the strip as you glue and cut the strip to length and glue the last bit. Second is to cut the strip a tad longer, then apply the glue to the strip and align the edge while you hold the strip above the paper with another forceps. You use one forceps to glue the strip down while you use the other to hold the rest of the strip away from the paper. I never apply glue on the paper as I tend to mess the paper when I do it that way.

  5. Thank you Paula. I appreciate your comments and look forward to them.God Bless You.

  6. I thought it was a normal picture, not quilling... You are my quilling-master!

  7. this is awesome!!! Love your landscape pictures. So natural..

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