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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Quilling Technique - Outline Flowers with Multi/ Single Strips

This Quilling tutorial is on quilling outline flowers using scallop strips as per my tutorial with either single or multi strip. These flowers can be used for graphic quilling or to create valentine hearts like my Kiddy Valentine.
This saves the hazzle of quilling each petal separately and pasting. Furthermore, it is very stable once the glue dries and holds the shape well unless you squash it too much.

 Make a scalloped strip as per my tutorial here. first scallop should be long enough to make a circle and glue. The other scallops should be long enough to make petals with.

Now make a circle around a cylindrical object like a pencil and glue it. 

 Apply a tad of glue to the next  fold. Apply to the mountain fold side. ( when you fold paper one side is called the valley side the other side will be the mountain side).
  Paste it to the circle as shown above.The distance is determined by the no of petals you require. If you can achieve outdistance you will get a perfect flower. ( the circle is the most stable geometrical shape in nature as you know).

 Continue the same procedure till you come to the last petal. Cut a bit beyond the fold as shown above and apply glue to the mountain and the underside of the extra bit anf glue it to the circlr and the adjoining petal.

You're done!! shape the circle by inserting a pencil and get the flower into proper shape.


 Prepare a scalloped multi strip as shown above. This flowers is going to be made without a centre.
 Apply glue to the mountain fold side as shown above but apply to both sides and not on the fold itself  as you are going to paste petal to petal'

Glue as shown to create the petal.Continue the process glueing the petals around till you complete the flower. You will need to arrange the petals into a circle and glue as in the flowers below. If required apply a tad of glue to the center to hold all the petals together.


  1. I never tried these flowers bcoz of creating each petal and the pasting them together..Now you have shown easy way I will try them..Thanks for sharing !

  2. Yeah, know what u mean, that is why I racked my brain for an easy way out!! Making flowers takes me ages and I have little patience.

  3. Thanks for all your lovely tips Chris.

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  5. I have tried these with strips cut from magazine borders and these have come out well,when using art paper(magazine paper, it is easier and faster to glue and it holds the shape much better)

  6. I was always wondering how this technique was made. thanks!


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