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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilling Tutorial - Multi / Single Strip Scallops

This tutorial is on how to make scallops with multi strips and single strips. I have used multi strip scallops as edging in my Kiddy Valentine. This is suitable for use as edgings in cards and quilled pictures.

Multi Strip Scallop
 Take about 6 to 8 strips and paste them together at one and then curl all the strips by running your thumb nail along the side of the strips or by rolling the strips.

 Measure 1' or whatever length you want the scallop to be, along the curve of the inner most strip and hold all the strips together as shown above between the thumb and forefinger, then gently push the top strips forward with your forefinger. Pull the other strips  one by one with your other hand  to different lengths to curve in between the 1st and last strips.
If you want standard height for the scallop, you can measure the top most strip to a length to more than 1 inch eg. 1.2'  and push the top strip forward with your forefinger to meet the 1' mark of the bottom strip, then pull the other strips one by one to different lengths. ( the difference between the top and bottom lengths will be the height of your scallop).
Glue all the strips at one point. Use a thin  wet brush to apply the glue. Dilute the glue slightly and apply with the very tip of the brush the glue it.
Continue the process to the length you want.
If you want to curve the edging more, remember that the height of the scallop needs to be more to give allowance for the curvature. Try to understand the physics behind what you are doing and it will be easy as pie!!
Use the natural curve you created at the start and do not pull the last strip too taut if you want a curled edging.

If you want to straighten the edging then you can make it with the last strip pulled taut or you can take the curled scallop and fold it to a valley fold at each point where all the strips are pasted .
If instructions look a bit confusing just look at the pics and you can figure it out.

Single Strip Scallop

I made these single strip scallops to make the yellow outline flowers in the Kiddy Valentine piece.
Pinch and make sharp folds at equal intervals on a strip of your choosing. All folds should be mountain folds as shown above.
Now take a thin cylindrical object; a thin handled paint brush or toothpick would do.
Now starting at one mountain fold, put the strip on your forefinger as shown, roll the brush handle hard against your finger upto the adjacent mountain fold.
This will curve into a scallop.
Repeat the procedure from each fold to the next fold and you have your scalloped strip.


  1. Great tutorial, thanks for ideeas!!!

  2. Thank you ! This technique will be wonderful for cards.

  3. you make beautiful creations and give good explanation Thank you!
    have a good weekend
    Greetings Baukje

  4. Thanks a lot. great idea


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