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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comb Quilling Tutorial - Multi Green Leaf with Vein

I have used this leaf extensively in my Petals and Swirls, quilled flower frame. This leaf was first quilled by Anastasia so credit should be given to her. I saw the one with a vein in another site but do not recollect where, so my apologies to whoever it was, as I am unable to give due credit.
The leaf is very similar to the comb flower  but the start is a tad different. 



 1.    Paste several shade of green 2' to 4' long, one to the other starting with a light shade. (pic1)
2.     Tear a strip to twice the size of the leaf size you want. Measure leaf size by counting the no of    teeth you want on you comb. One tooth for each loop.
3.    Fold the torn strip in 2 and glue it together to form the vein and glue this piece to the color that you want at the bottom of the leaf.
4.    Take the vein side of your strip and allow the full length of the vein  to poke out, upwards in  the middle section of your comb as in pic2.
 5.   Now take the strip below the tooth and loop it through the next  tooth as shown in Pic3 and thread it down.


 6.  Now pull it onto the other side making sure you come up through the tooth next to the one with the vein end poking out as in Pic4
7.  Continue like in the flower tutorial, till you have made the no of loops you want . When finished remove off the comb and it should look like pic5.
8.  Now fold it in the center inwards, towards the vein and glue all the loops to the relevant side of the vein as shown in pic6.
9. Take another strip or use the excess strip to wrap round the leaf ensuring you don't crush the loops too much to the center. Pic 7 shows the completed leaf with vein in the center.
You're done!!


  1. What a nice effect the two shades of green make, Chris! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thank you Ann for your kind comment.


Thank you for taking time to comment.

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