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Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Make Bell Shape / Fuchsia Frill - Quilling Tutorial

How to Make Bell Shape / Fuchsia Frill - New Technique Tutorial

1.   Cut a 1 inch strip of 2.5 inch length  paper. Paper that is slightly less weight than printer
paper is better for flowers.

2.   Make v shaped slits on one side of the strip about a third of the length. (if the slits are
long the smoother the curve will be. The V should not be too broad.) The best is to experiment with
different length and breadth Vs.

3.   Cut straight down from the v about 1/3rd its length.

4.   Now gum one end of the slit over the other as shown below by arrows.

5.   Make sure it pops out when you paste the slits and slightly score the point with you nails to
smoothen it into a seamless curve.
6.   Repeat procedure for all slits and you will find your strip has coiled up.

7.   Finally cut the two edges inwards and paste the edges together and smoothen the pop out with
your nails and you’re done.  You can make two bells with the size given.

The bell made in this way will be more cone shaped at the top end and tube like at the bottom.

8.   For tubular bells you cut straight instead of v and pull it  in and paste. If the slits are
short the top will fold in more and it will be more bell shaped.

 Tubular bell

The tubular bell is in the middle
9.   In order to get the frill shape petals for Fuchsia I made a wide bell then made 3 slits and 
pasted them inwards same as in a bell, but this time I made the end pop in and scored it inwards
with my nails.

 Once that was done I made 3 smaller bells and pasted it inside the large bell. Then I made the stamens and pasted them in the middle of the three smaller bells. For the pink part of the Fuchsia I made a tubular bell and made small slits at the end and pasted the slit end to the purple skirt petals. Then I quilled the pink petals by pasting 2 moon shaped quills to an oval quill for the centre of the petal.

10. After slitting the paper curling it with a rounded object or the end of the quilling tool while
you place the strip in a semi soft surface helps it to curl in naturally making the pasting and smoothing easier.

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