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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fuschia Honey Shower Quilled Flower & Bird

I love fuchsia so I have tried to create them to look like the real thing in this quilled 3d flower/picture. I have used printer paper and used quilled petals for the flower. the stamens are created from strips as well.

I drew the bird myself and I have tried out a blending technique in order to get the different shades of green and the spotty effect on the chest. For the tail, I have done a grass fold ( check tutorials) and used two shades of green combines.

If you want a tutorial on how to make the bell shape and the flower skirt, leave a comment and I will do one.


  1. Lovely work, love the bird!!!

  2. The bird look so real. Lovely....and yes to the tutorial. Love your work! (^0^)

    1. Thanks Sylvia I will post a tute very soon.

  3. What a great piece... and yes I'd love to know how to make those flowers.


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