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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smiley Flower for Mom - Quilled Flower & Butterfly

I thought I'd quill something that reminded me of my mom, who is now, long gone, for Mother's day. This picture, I thought, said it all. One who would give anything to her children with a smile on her face.The one who fed us butterflies with her nectar. Well, my mom is a beautiful flower in heaven and I loved her. Don't ever remember her saying she's sick and taking a break until the day the Good Lord called her to rest.

I hope you'll enjoy this piece.

How To
 I quilled the butterfly using a printout of one. Check out my Tutorial Page on how to quill a landscape to get an idea of how to do the wings. The basic shape for the wings are simple loose coils and yellow squares. Once the wings are done make a 3d tube by pushing out a peg. Check out Quick Tips on how to get a bell shape instead of a cone. make the head and abdomen of the butterfly and stick them together. then stick the antenna and the wings.
The petals are husked using light & darker blue. For the stem I just took some paper and rolled it like a tube. The leaves are just folded leaves.
I will do a tute on how I made the bud in my next post.


  1. Love the blue flower, it came out so beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Miheela, I have not mounted it yet. Thought it would look better if I paste the petals in blue and make a hillock to paste the flower on.

  3. This flower looks so great, is like from a fairytale, and I love fairytales :)


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