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Friday, April 13, 2012

New Year Card - Quilled 3d Flowers

So its New Year For some of my friends so I made this stand up card for one of them. I like the way it turned out though it is a simple design. This time I managed to get the print on the card so it was easier. I am not the best at cutting designs!!

I made the bell flowers so that the bottom section flared out a bit. I was not very happy with some of the quilled bells out there that look more like cones so I did a bit of experimenting to get a more rounded cone and I managed. ( check out Quick Tip 3).

Check out Quick Tip 4 for how I did the flared red petals on the bell.

The 3 petal flower looks really cooool thanks to Pritesh. There is a super video at her site on how to make them. Check my tutorial page for links to her site.

Well I got the print on the wrong side so I made it into a stand up card by folding the back into a triangular shape and pasting.

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